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Professional image editing and enhancement ~ part of The Stitching Studio's premium Photo to Cross Stitch service
Our artist uses top of the line graphics software  to crop, manipulate and enhance your original image to create a truly unique work of art.  You don’t have to let the composition of your photo restrict your creativity. You can choose these editing options, or give our artist the freedom, to create a masterpiece.  All but “Watching Over You” at no extra cost.
Re-touch, remove defects or unwanted items (see English House - wire and antenna removed).
Brighten a faded image (My Old Home - from a very faded and yellowing photo).
Remove background or replace background with a solid colour.
Correct proportion or perspective(English House - fixed low camera angle - perspective)
Crop and move objects within a photo (Ellie and Emma -  one dog moved and put in proportion).
Assemble parts from 2 or more photos into one (Watching Over You).
Make our special Watching Over You theme where one person is stitched as a shadowy, ghostly image (two separate, adjoining charts required).
Colour Correct when the colours are wrong.  You describe the correct colours, or send another photo where they are right (English House - a grey day is changed to sunny).
Add a fade-out fringe, rather than a sharp edge (1930's Beauty or My Old Home).
Re-create small portions of the photo that were cut off.
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My Old Home

Ellie & 

Watching Over You
1930's Beauty

Colour Correction to colours YOU CAN COUNT ON
We don’t think you should stitch green and mauve in faces. Do you?

Have you heard all about the complexities of scanning and the resulting pixels of different colours?  So?  If all this technical mumbo-jumbo means you stitch 3 shades of green and 2 of mauve into someone’s face, then we say you’re wasting your time and money.  Faces should be skin colour, and skin colour only!

Forget the technical parts - that’s our job - and we’ve worked years to perfect it.  Our artist works hours on each photo, choosing the thread colours by eye and separately assigning them to each isolated region of the image. Here's where we distinguish ourselves from the competition by recognizing the most important consideration for quality stitching - true colour!

Compare our work close-up.  Click on Susanna for a sample portrait, then get a closer look at Susanna close-up for a detail in her face. Susanna chart shows a portion of our easy-to-read charts and  actual symbol and colour lists.


Susanna Close Up
Susanna Chart
Click Image to View Detailed Chart

Blends a BONUS for just the right hue
We often use blends (if you use 2 or more strands).  Blending two floss colours together expands the colours available, gives you better skin tones (see Susanna close-up above) and allows more accurate non-Caucasian skin.  Subtler shading in black & white stitchings can be seen in 1930's Beauty stitching and 1930's Beauty chart & colour key. Click 1930's Beauty Chart to view detailed Chart and Colour Key.
1930's Beauty
1930's Beauty Chart
Click Image to View Details.
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