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1. What original can I send you?
2. What if the image is subject to copyright?
3. What size photograph do you need?
4. I don't want to mail my photo, what do I do?
5. How long does it take?
6. What do you send me?
7. What size will my chart be?
8. What brand of floss can I use?
9. How many colours will be in the pattern?
10. What are "Warm Sepia" and "Cool Sepia"?
11. What fabric do I use?
12. What shape will my finished work be?
13. Why do your charts cost more to produce?
14. Everyone says they're the best, how do I choose?
15. What if I am not satisfied?
16. What if I lose or spill coffee on my chart?
17. What if I have more questions?

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q What original can I send you?
  A Except for copyright material (without the artist's consent), we will work with most photographs, crests or artwork.  Some photo-to-chart services don't recommend doing people in full colour, don't do groups, do only close-ups of faces or have other limitations.  We don't inhibit your creativity - as long as we can see the images and you can describe what you want, we will make the best chart possible.
If in doubt, send in your original(s) for a free evaluation (or attach the images to an e-mail, if you have that ability). We will get back to you with a confirmed price and editing suggestions.

Q What if the image is subject to copyright?
  A Don't give up!   Before we can reproduce the image into a cross stitch chart, we must have written permission from the artist, photographer or copyright holder. Contact them and you may be surprised how willing they are, especially when you emphasize it is for a one-time use only.
Customers have had success with artists, photographers (newspaper and even National Geographic), estate managers and others. It's worth a try!

Q What size photograph do you need?
  A Standard size photographs (3.5”x 5” or 4”x 6”) work just great. We have been successful with much smaller, if very clear. Please do not get an enlargement made from your printed photo - it just costs money and may actually reduce the clarity.

Q I don't want to mail my photo, what do I do?
  A For fear of loss or damage, you may not want to mail a prized, one-of-a-kind photo. You can either:
Scan the photo and send us an email with the image attached (in jpeg format, minimum 150 dpi please) or
Take it to a photo-processing store where, for few dollars, they will make a photographic copy (not a photocopy).

Q How long does it take?
  A Your chart will be in the mail to you within 2 to 4 weeks from the date we receive your complete order.

Q What do you send me?
  A Your Stitching Studio kit includes:
A clear, easy-to-read pattern with black & white symbols (lighter symbols for lighter colours, darker symbols for darker colours - see Susanna Chart). Printed on 11” x 17” paper, usually 2 to 4 pages, with shaded overlaps, page numbers and arrows to indicate the center of your chart.
A key identifying the DMC thread colour for each symbol. Specifies full stitches only - no 3/4 stitches or backstitches required.
Shopping list of floss listed in numerical order with number of skeins required.
A table showing finished size based on fabric count and some basic instructions.
An image showing how the completed stitching will look.
'Diary Card' to attach to the back. Tell the story about your stitching to generations to come.
Your original photo All in a protective portfolio.

Q What size will my chart be?
  A Chart size, measured in stitches, will vary with complexity of the image.  Because of our colour correction process, we do not need extremely large charts.  Most are between 150 to 250 stitches across the larger dimension.  Single faces typically vary from 120 x 150 up to 150 x 200.

Q What brand of floss can I use?
  A We recommend DMC floss for reliability and large selection of colours.  If you convert, small colour imperfections may occur.

Q How many colours will be in the pattern?
  A Because of our accurate colour correction, you won't have 100 or more floss colours to buy and stitch into your work (you know it's a chore to keep changing colours !)
Our average number of colours (for a Full Colour stitching) is:
Pets  20 to 40,  average 30
Scenery 30 to 60,  average 40
People 35 to 70,  average 45
For a Black & White or Sepia stitching we use up to 16 colours.

Q What are "Warm Sepia" and "Cool Sepia"?
A Sepia colours are the shades of brown like you might see in an old photograph.
The Warm Sepia produces a reddish-brown stitching (using DMC colours 433, 434, etc.). Others will refer to this simply as "sepia" so use this if you want to match a stitching you did in the past.
The Cool Sepia is a new introduction by The Stitching Studio. It gives shades of beige-brown, in between black and white and warm sepia (using DMC colours 838, 839, etc. with several blends). It more accurately reproduces the tones of that old-time photo.

Q What fabric do I use?
  A  The choice of count, type and colour of fabric is left up to you (and your stitching store). In your kit we tell you the finished size. Our picture of your finished work often shows a background colour (as a suggestion only). Why not pick up your floss colours and lay them out on various fabrics to see what you like best?

Q What shape will my finished work be?
  A We can make the work in a rectangle, square, oval or circle.  You can choose or let our artist decide what looks the best.

Q Why do your charts cost more to produce?
  A Because our superior process requires hours of our artist’s time.
Time to perform our exclusive image editing and colour selection process.  No computer will ever equal our artist’s eye.  For a true work of art, deserving of the time and money you spend on stitching and framing, our premium service is worth the extra.  We often even re-do photos for people who did not finish a chart they purchased elsewhere.

Q Everyone says they’re the best, how do I choose?
  A Take a look at the competition. Please! 
Take a close look at the images they show.  Look at the colours that show up, especially in skin - do you see green, blue or mauve where it shouldn’t be?
Look for what they don’t show.  If you don’t see faces or sample charts, could there be a reason?
Carefully read and compare what they say about number of colours, the chart sizes, the services they offer and their restrictions or limitations.
Then, to make your choice, consider the following:
Overall cost, including the chart, fabric, floss, framing, etc.
 The quality you want in your finished work (should it look good up close?)
 Your time and enjoyment in stitching (will it be fun or a chore to stitch?)

Q What if I am not satisfied?
  A We offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.  If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the quality of your chart, just let us know.  We will adjust it to your specifications and send you a new chart at no extra cost.

Q What if I lose or spill coffee on my chart?
  A We keep a copy of your chart for at least one year.  (It will not be sold nor used for any purpose without your permission).  For $10.00 (to cover re-printing and mail), we will send you another.  But why not save this worry by making a photocopy of the chart first? -  you can even enlarge or reduce the size.

Q What if I have more questions?
  A You are more than welcome to use our Contact Us form to send us an e-mail.  We would love to hear from you.

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