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Order Form - USA
(Print & Mail this form  or   Contact Us   to request an Email Form)

1. Original:  Send any good quality photograph (must, of course, be in colour for a full colour stitching). No celebrities or copyright material without written permission. Worried about damage in the mail? - why not scan your photo and send an email with an image attached (in jpeg format, minimum 150 dpi please).
NOTE: To email us, type in our address as:   c h a r t s (without spaces)
Colours:  Choose your colour shade. Charts (all printed in black and white) are for a stitching in full colour or in up to 16 shades of the chosen colour.  
       Full Colour Black & White (greys)
       Warm Sepia (browns) Cool Sepia (beige browns)
Background:  Do you wish to change the background in the photo? The background can be removed (so fabric shows) or it can be replaced with a solid colour (all stitched). Please indicate your choice: 
Leave background as is Remove Replace with solid colour
Material:  Circle what materials you plan to use. Fabric count can be decided later, but please indicate number of strands (2 recommended so blends can be used).  
Fabric Count:  14   16   18   22   25   28   30
Number of Floss Strands:  1     2     3
5. Price:  Prices include Shipping and are subject to change without notice.
in US Dollars
1 or 2
Pets or
3 or 4
Pets or
or Toy
1 or 2
3 or 4
5+ on request
Over You”
Sepia or Black & White
with or without background
Full Colour
Background out or solid
To include background
(applies to Full Colour only)
Add from $10.00 to $20.00 to above prices
(depending on quantity and complexity of the background color)

Your Name:_________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________


Zip Code:_____________ Phone:(______) ______-_______________

E-mail: ___________________________________________________

Referred by: _______________________________________________
                                Please write name of store or association, if you were referred to us

   Send completed form and payment to:
      The Stitching Studio
      P.O. Box 1601
      Gibsons, BC, Canada  V0N 1V0

TOTAL PAYMENT                              $________________
Money Order
PayPal -  email me an invoice

Cardholder Name: _____________________

Number: ______ ______ ______ ______

Expiry Date: ______ / ______

Signature: ______________________

This next section need not be filled out for us to complete your chart.
We will crop the image and select the best size and shape to suit your original.
If, however, you wish to give us more specific instructions, please complete all or part of the following sections.

Order Form - Special Instructions
Cropping:  Indicate what portion of the photo you want (describe in words, by sketch or with a paper cut-out). Describe below if you need more space.
Shape:   Choose the shape of the finished work. Rectangle       Square       Oval       Circle
Size:  Specify the size of your chart, measured in stitches (not inches). Aim for at least 40 stitches across a face. To increase detail, don’t be afraid to go larger if you are prepared to put in the effort. A single portrait, for example, is good at 120 by 150 stitches, even better at 150 by 200.
Number of Stitches*
* Your chart proportions may be changed slightly to suit your work
Colour Correction:  The colours in all images will be corrected for the closest match to the colours on the original sent. If you want the colours changed, describe below and/or send additional photos (noted on back “for colours only”).  
Change colours as described below?
Change colours to match photo(s) sent
10. Image Editing:  Do you wish to change the original image by moving, combining or rearranging portions? You can be as descriptive as you like. Tell us what you want to stitch. Where not too extensive, most image editing will be done at no extra charge. (If in doubt, send or email your photo(s) for a quotation). Describe below and/or sketch how you want your finished work to look. Some possibilities include:
Re-touch & remove defects Add fade-out at edges Brighten a faded image
Correct proportion / perspective Move objects in one photo Combine from 2 or more photos
Re-create small cut off portions Delete unwanted items (not feasible if large area of subject is hidden)
"Watching Over You" (part of the image in 1 thread 1/2 stitches    Describe below and see Price Table
Check here  if you want to give our artist freedom to edit as he thinks best.
11. Symbol Size:  The standard grid for printing charts is about 11 squares per inch. Printing with a larger grid will make the symbols larger and easier to see but will increase the number of pages needed to print the chart.
Check here for larger chart on more pages

Description, Instructions and Comments: